Facebook News Feed Design Test Places Large Popular Photos on Top For Some Users

Facebook is testing a new design of the news feed that displays 3 popular photos above the stream of friend and page updates, as some users are spotting. These photos are sized much larger than any others on the home page and are accompanied by their album title, caption, author, and tallies of engagement.

The feature change offers enhanced visibility to popular content on a user’s network.

The design change “is simply to help [users with few friends] discover interesting content and create an instantly valuable experience for them,” the company tells Business Insider. People who see the new popular photos new feed don’t have the option to change between top news and most recent modes — the removal of the different modes makes sense for those with few friends because their wouldn’t be enough content to make the two distinct.

Like the new Photo Memories sidebar panel, popular photos puts less emphasis on newness, which defines the order in which most current content is displayed on Facebook. By instead using the like and comments tallies as indicators of quality, it places the most interesting photos in a big and prominent location to create a more instantly gratifying home page.

[Image from hotlou.com]

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