PopSugar CEO Riffs on the Fall of Linear Media and the Rise of Virtual Reality

Plus, why the tracker in his CES badge is so scary

As the first day of CES 2016 wrapped, PopSugar founder and CEO Brian Sugar gave us a vigorous rundown of the media and tech he sees as doomed (linear media and TV guides), promising (virtual reality and augmented reality) and frightening (tracking tech enhanced with artificial intelligence).

Sugar was most bullish on virtual reality. "This is the year where folks like me and others start to play with it and start thinking about, 'How can I engage brands on it, how can marketers use it, and how can people sell things through it?'" said Sugar. "By 2020 VR and augmented reality are just going to be part of life."

Then Sugar peeled away the back part of his CES badge to reveal a rudimentary tracker, which he found mildly disturbing. He said we are getting closer to a "singularity point" when we lose control of artificial intelligence and tracking software and hardware. "That scares the bejesus out of me."