PopSecret Woos the Netflix Crowd With Social Engagement App

What does a brand do when its competitor has a lock on its biggest market? PopSecret decided to use social media to work its way around the problem. Almost every major movie theater around the country serves Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn, so PopSecret is wooing the Netflix crowd via social engagement with the “Pop Over” movie night app, created by Deutsch LA.

Here’s the deal: users download the Facebook-equipped app, choose a movie and one of several themes (say “This is ladies’ night” and anything with Ryan Gosling), then organize the “event” by time, location and number of attendees (aka available Facebook friends). Everyone on the invite list then RSVPs and lets the crowd know what sort of snacks they’re planning to bring over. Of course, PopSecret hopes that quite a few fans will choose its own product as the snack in question…

The brand made some changes to the app since announcing it last year. We get the idea–but will it be enough to to land those kernels in microwaves across the country?