The Pope Now Has 10 Million Followers On Twitter

The Pope Now Has 10 Million Followers On Twitter

The Pope joined Twitter on December 12, 2012, and quickly started to rack up followers to his official @Pontifex account, as well as his eight other different language profiles.

Of course, when he first signed up, it was a different Pope writing those tweets – namely, Pope Benedict XVI, who stepped aside in March. His successor, Pope Francis, the first non-European Pope for 1,300 years, has more than lived up to the task, tripling @Pontifex’ total number of followers in six months to more than 10 million.

Well, kinda. That’s 10 million over all nine of the official Pope accounts, which is a bit of a cheat, and no doubt includes a number of the same people across the different profiles, but we’ll let this one slide. And also, of note: the Pope’s Spanish language profile has the most followers of all his individual accounts, with more than 4 million.

As is par for the course on Twitter in these heady times, the Pope celebrated the news with a tweet.

While the Pope asking people to pray for him is a bit like Bill Gates asking folks to pay his bills because he could use the assist – I mean, he is God’s representative on Earth, after all * – it’s good to see the Vatican getting stuck in with this newfangled social media malarky.

* The Pope, that is. Not Gates. Although now it’s out there in print it kinda makes you wonder.

(Pope Francis image: Catholic Church (England and Wales) via Flickr.)