PopChips on ‘The Pitch,’ But No Ashton Kutcher

Less than two weeks ago, Keith Belling, the CEO of PopChips was apologizing for offensive promo videos starring Ashton Kutcher in brownface, doing a terrible and Indian accent. Last night, he was calling the shots on the latest episode of The Pitch.

The AMC reality program, which tracks the path of two competing ad agencies pitching new business, fittingly followed this week’s episode of Mad Men (it looks like it’s moving from its Monday time slot). With the recent scandal still fresh, we tuned in to see if the germ of that bad idea would be revealed. Alas, it was not.

Our colleagues at AgencySpy note, “As this was filmed a few months ago, this campaign has no connection to PopChips’ online dating videos starring Ashton Kutcher, which were recently declared by the Internet to be ‘RAYCESS!!!'” They’ve got a full recap if you’re interested.

The two firms doing battle last night were Conversation and BooneOakley. Conversation won the business with a pitch about a super-long viral video and some other digital doodads.