PopCap’s Games to Come Pre-Installed on Sony Ericsson Xperia Devices

Another of the biggest mobile game developers, PopCap Games, has proven it has the clout to get a deal with a device maker.

The gaming company, which agreed to be acquired by EA in a deal worth up to $1.3 billion and makes Bejeweled Blitz and Plants Vs. Zombies, will start having its titles come pre-installed on Sony Ericsson Android devices starting this summer.

The agreement comes at a time when many Android handset makers are trying to stand out amid a tidal wave of devices. And app developers that have created standout brands like PopCap or Angry Birds-maker Rovio promise to help differentiate their phones. Carriers are also doing similar deal with game-makers; AT&T recently signed one with Zynga to create a special shelf within Android Market featuring exclusive content.

In the PopCap-Sony Ericsson deal, Peggle, Chuzzle and Plants vs. Zombies will come embedded on Xperia phones. Consumers who buy the phones will get the full version of Chuzzle, while they’ll get Peggle and Plants vs. Zombies in unlimited trial mode. They’ll have the option of buying the full version.