Pop bubbles to collect stars in Bubble Planet on Facebook

Image via Inovento

If you can’t get enough of the many bubble-popping games on Facebook, there’s another option to try in Inovento’s Bubble Planet. The game sees players jumping into a hot air balloon and flying across the planet completing stages by shooting bubbles at colorful bubble formations at the top of the screen.

Bubble Planet tries a few unique things to stand out from its many competitors. Each level is timed, with 40 seconds to earn as many points and stars as possible. Stars work as the game’s experience points, and must be collected in bulk to unlock power-ups.

These power-ups include bombs that destroy surrounding bubbles, bonus time items, and those that increase the rate at which players earn stars.

Image via Inovento

A bar at the side of the screen fills as players earn points. If they have friends that have also tried Bubble Planet, they will see their friends’ high scores in this bar, and will receive bonuses for passing them. In addition, friends may appear as bubbles within each level’s formation. Popping them awards players bonus time.

Each level comes with a leaderboard for comparing scores against friends, and players can replay stages to increase their high scores.

Bubble Planet has 479,000 monthly players on Facebook, according to AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers. The game is available to play for free.