Pop: An App That Lets You Communicate By Remixing GIFs

Users who likes looping videos can now edit and share existing GIFs using Pop. The app is useful because it lets you capture videos or GIFs online and re-share with a “pop” – a hidden GIF that’s activated when you hold down on the image. It’s a two-for-one deal where you can use two visuals to say one thought. Take a video, a GIF, or a still image, and you have a pop.

Like other messaging platforms and apps, users can send, share, and reply with more GIF pops, like unwrapping presents made up entirely of videos, all day, every day. Follow your friends, celebrities, or just share your new pops to Facebook or Twitter. 

A Pop is two things put together

Simple and fun, Pop is about putting two things together.Capture a photo or video and combine it with anything on the web—an animated GIF, a movie clip—whatever comes to mind. To experience a Pop, press and hold down to reveal what’s underneath.

Many Pops are funny—the app is perfect for the art of setup and punchline. But Pop can also be used to tell impactful stories.