Pool Prize: Crouching Portman

Today’s Pool Prize goes to WaPo‘s Jason Horowitz for a morning Pool Report on a 30-minute plane ride to Long Island with the Mitt Romney campaign. Horowitz makes a point of remarking on his own diligence as a Pooler. We’re not sure what all that kneeling and crouching is about, but congratulations to Horowitz for staying awake for the ride!

An excerpt…

“Pool report recipients! The flight was longer than the advertised 26 minutes, and some reporters managed to catch some sleep under their airplane issued blue blankets. But not I. As your pool reporter I am on  duty. This is what I saw. Romney briefly made himself visible, standing up in the front of the plane and prompting the cameras to click here in the back. He looked rested and healthy. Senator Portman, wearing a pink shirt, was visible for a longer period as he hovered, then crouched, then kneeled  in the front of the front of the plane, where Romney sits. He is Romney’s renowned debate prepper so it is possible he was continuing to prep. A campaign photographer was taking pictures of him hovering and crouching and kneeling so it is also possible that he was striking the pose of someone continuing to prep.”

See a second amusing morning Pool Report from Horowitz in which scribes are stuffed into vans like luggage…

“Good morning pool report recipients! It is dark out and the only light falling on the Charles River next to the Courtyard Marriott Cambridge is from lampposts and hotel signs. That is early! The local news says the weather will be good but windy today, that the traffic above and below ground is moving and that police in Maine are considering releasing the names of the patrons of a certain Zumba instructor with an (alleged!) business on the side. Pool recipients, the newscaster said there are questions of privacy at stake.  Constitutional questions!

Romney staffers have appeared to load bags onto yellow vans. The press is loaded (like the bags!) into white vans. We are now rolling out from the Marriott Courtyard in Cambridge to the residence. It is 6:41 am.”