Pontiflex now counts 100 million opt-in signups for its mobile ads

Mobile advertising platform Pontiflex announced today it has driven more than 100 million opt-in signups for advertisers through its Signup Ads and location-based AdLeads platforms.

The company’s Signup Ads work much like one would expect them to — users are shown an ad inside a mobile app, and can sign up for more information if they’re interested. App developers get paid for every valid signup they deliver.

While Pontiflex’s Signup Ads are typically the domain of multinational corporations with large advertising budgets — the company counts the likes of Disney, Hasbro and Southwest Airlines as customers — its self-serve, location-baed AdLeads program is designed for small businesses that want to advertise on a local level, serving ads to users that have opted to share their location information with an app.

The Brooklyn-based company says its ads provide developers effective costs per thousand impression (eCPM) rates many times higher than rival mobile ad providers can deliver. According to CEO and co-founder Zephrin Lasker, the top 50 apps in the Pontiflex ecosystem can see eCPM up to $25 on some days.

Out of the 100 million people that have signed up, 90 percent have come from the U.S. and 10 percent are international customers, but Pontiflex’s self-serve platform is seeing as much as 40 percent of their signups coming from outside of the U.S., owing to the growing popularity of the AdLeads program in places like Asia and Western Europe.

Lasker also points out that Pontiflex’s smaller local ads can do just as well as its national ads. “A nationally recognized brand and a geo-targeted offer will actually have a similar engagement rate,” he says. “It speaks to the power of the platform. People are interested in interacting with local brands.”

This is the strength of the opt-in model, he says, explaining that opt-in advertising is better for advertisers because they get real leads, and better for customers because they dictate what advertising they get, instead of having things pushed at them.

Pontiflex’s ads currently reach over 75,000 apps, either directly through its own SDK or an HTML-based network SDK that allows the company’s ads to be seen in other networks. The company is backed by $8.75 million in Series A and B funding from New Atlantic Ventures, RRE Ventures and Tribeca Venture Partners.