Ponder’s ‘Anti-Social Network’ Is Instagram Meets Reddit

The app allows users to swipe up or down on photos and videos like one would upvote or downvote content on Reddit.

Ponder announced the official launch of its “anti-social network” on iOS. The application allows users to swipe up or down on photos and videos like one would upvote or downvote content on Reddit.

With Ponder, users are presented with a feed of curated photos and videos. When users see a post they like, they can swipe up to “push” the content up, or swipe down to “pass” on it.

Ponder Screenshots

Pushing content will spread it to a larger audience, including to friends or users with similar states, while passing on a post will keep it private. If users swipe in the wrong direction, they can shake their device to undo the choice. Finally, users can double-tap on a post to follow its uploader and see more of their content in their feed.

In addition to browsing content in their personalized stream, users can discover new content in the “most recent” feed, or browse the app’s trending content on a trending tab. Overall, as users push posts and follow others, their personalized streams will display more posts from users with similar tastes.

When posting their own content, users can upload photos and videos from their camera rolls or capture new pictures and videos within the app. Users can add captions to their posts, and they also have the option to post their content anonymously.

Ponder Screenshots 2

In a statement, William LeGate, co-founder and CEO of Ponder, commented:

The key differentiator is that posts are designed to spread beyond your network of friends and followers. We show you a user-curated feed of photos and videos that have been pushed by your friends and others with similar tastes. We are democratizing the discovery and distribution of your photos and videos, so instead of it being a popularity contest, it’s a place where the best content spreads.

Ponder does not allow users to post comments on content, and it does not display the number of followers each user has.

Ponder co-founder and chief marketing officer Tyler Mateen added:

On Ponder, you could have 50 followers and regularly get more than 50 pushes on your posts—something that’s not currently possible on other apps. We are leveling the playing field for every single person to have their content be seen by a larger audience. It doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity or an influencer: You have the same opportunity as everyone else to have your content be discovered.

Ponder is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The app is backed by Mark Cuban, the founders of Tinder and Greylock Partners.