POM Responds to John Oliver’s Not-So-Gentle Ribbing

In case your viewing schedule is getting the best of you, John Oliver of “The Daily Show” has a new weekly news program on the Home Box Office channel called “Last Week Tonight”, and April’s debut episode did indeed serve to assuage our doubts over whether Mr. Oliver could carry such a program on his own.

One of the first subjects of his very British ire was POM Wonderful, which he pummeled during a segment on consumer brands and their dubious health claims (something we understand all too well).

Rather than take it lying down, the people at POM decided to respond with a letter we’ll let Oliver review:

They even let their fans know afterward, lest anyone call them humorless…or worse.

For the record, we do appreciate POM’s decision to roll with the punches, as well as the honest description of their own research into the health benefits of their product as “not definitive” but “promising.”

Armchair strategists can debate the value of reaching out to media personalities who will almost certainly not have positive things to say about a brand, but we do like the boldness of responding to a drubbing with a smile.