POLL: Was Brian Williams’ Apology Good Enough?

One TV news PR vet has some thoughts

In case you missed it (who are we kidding), Brian Williams ended NBC’s newscast last night with a big admission:

Everyone in media has spent the past 18-plus hours speculating about Williams’ future; we wondered which crisis firm he will hire to make this apology stick.

Check out our sister site TVNewser for more on the admission and the amusing reaction (hashtag #BrianWilliamsMisremembers).

Here’s the thing: Williams didn’t just admit that he remembered the event incorrectly — his story grew more dramatic over time.

Today we spoke to a broadcast TV news PR veteran for his take on what Williams should do next, and he was unequivocal: the newscaster needs to schedule a sit-down with the military vets who were actually on the helicopter forced to land after receiving RPG fire in Iraq back in 2003 (and that’s just step number two).

Take our poll, crisis comms experts and amateurs alike: what does Williams (and NBC) need to do now??