POLL: How Many Celebrities Do You Follow On Twitter (And Who Are They)?

This poll is simply for curiosity’s sake, and I want to share with you this hypothesis: the more time people spend on Twitter, the less celebrities they end up following.

It’s certainly true for me. Back in the day (maybe a heady six months ago) when I was young and naïve, I was probably following fifty celebrities on Twitter. Now I’m following precisely twelve: Robert Llewellyn, Dara O’Briain, David Mitchell, Derren Brown, Hugh Hefner, Graham Linehan, Gregg Wallace, Jimmy Carr, Jon Ronson, Peter Serafinowicz, Jonathan Ross and the obligatory Stephen Fry.

(Out of interest, three of the above follow me, too. I’ll leave you to guess who that might be.)

Why? Various reasons, but most of them revolve around the fact that Twitter is a fantastic leveller. It takes more than simply being famous. That might ensure you a lot of early interest, but to keep our attention you actually have to be interesting.

I’d like you to share how many celebrities you follow in the poll below, and also to write up a little bit about it in the comments.

Which famous folk are you following, and why? Who have you unfollowed? Are you following less celebrities now than you were a few months ago?

You may know the name of every celebrity you follow by heart, but if not, here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to FriendOrFollow.com.
  2. Type in your username, and wait a few moments.
  3. The first page you see will show you everybody who you are following that isn’t following you back. Check for any celebrities.
  4. Click on the ‘Fans’ and ‘Friends’ tabs, and check for signs of any celebrities in here.
  5. Tip: if you re-sort the pages by number of followers, that usually makes the celebrity accounts easier to spot, as they’re typically nearer the top.

(You can do this with anybody else you like, too. It’s quite fascinating to check out who famous folk are following, particularly when they’re not being followed back by that person.)

If that seems like too much work, feel free to simply make a guess. Try and be as accurate as you possibly can.

I’m talking proper, old-fashioned celebrities here. People who were famous before they came on to the internet. So, for example, Robert Scoble, famous as he is on Twitter and in the world of technology, doesn’t qualify. Conversely, Ashton Kutcher, Ellen Degeneres, Russell Brand, Pearl Jam, Ryan Seacrest, Britney Spears, Shaq, Oprah and Coldplay do.

That said, the concept of celebrity remains a fairly difficult one to pin down. Lots of folk are simply famous for being famous, and many household numbers in one country are complete unknowns in another. So, here’s the thing: if they’re famous to you, then they’re famous.

And please check with FriendorFollow before voting! The numbers of people who are putting the wrong number is unreal. Yes, comedians are celebrities. Yes, famous authors are celebrities. Yes, atheletes are celebrities. And yes, anybody who is famous in the ‘real world’ is a celebrity! It’s not just the Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers of this world.

(Also, if you follow just one celebrity, please, please, please write about who this is in the comments below.)

Who you follow can reveal quite a lot about you, I think.

And please remember not to lie. After all, we can easily check you out on FriendOrFollow, ourselves. 🙂