POLL: What Kind Of Twitter Profile Picture Do You Like To See?

Earlier in the week I raised an open query on Twitter about profile pictures (avatars) and why I think it’s important that you spend some time considering the best kind of image for your particular needs.

When you first register with Twitter, they provide you with a default avatar. It looks like this:

Not exactly the most inspiring of creations. Indeed, one major problem with not uploading your own profile picture, and it’s entirely too common, is you risk becoming yet another faceless entity on the network. Moreover, it makes you look like a newcomer and quite possibly a spammer, as many spam accounts that are powered by bots don’t update their image, either.

But the worst part is the default picture is cold; it doesn’t tell us anything about you.

I recently changed my avatar to something a little fresher. The overall response has been very positive, both in terms of feedback (makes a change from “cheer up”, which was a typical and possibly justifiable suggestion with my last one) and my follower count.

I’ve provided some tips on avatars within this blog before, but my question in the week raised some interesting responses and I believe there’s potential for a more detailed follow-up post. (Amusing enough, at the time of writing Twitter has deactived the ability to change your profile picture due to ‘being stressed’.)

I need more data, and for that I would like your help. 🙂 Please complete the following poll:

Once you have voted, it would also be helpful if you could post a comment explaining your reasons (or send me a tweet).

Note that this poll expires at midnight on Sunday, May 3.

It would be great if you could forward this page to your Twitter contacts, so the data will be richer. Thank you. 🙂