Poll of the Day, 07.06.06

(Recap: Most of you didn’t watch MTP this past weekend to see if Andrea Mitchell bested Tim Russert as host)

Really: Did we have any other choice for today’s Poll of the Day than a Cage Match between the interns at the Washington Times and Washingtonian Magazine?

We received such responses to yesterday’s post as…

…”Why is it that dems, on a high average, are so much better looking than repubs? Healthy mind = healthy body, I guess”


…”the republican interns are always better looking, obviously. they know they only have a couple of years to look good and get married–they’re career driven!”


…”Those Time interns are shizzy-SMOKING!”

(Oh, and yes, we know there are other interns around town — I’m talking to you, Mr. “why nothing on the post interns? there’s a small army of them–21 total, I believe.” Tipster. But, unlike the Times and Washingtonian Magazine, we don’t have pictures of them. So DC news organizations: Get clicking!)

So, let’s have at it:

Who’s Hotter?
Washington Times Interns
Washingtonian Magazine Interns
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