Politweets: When Twitter Gets Political

Created by the same D.C. team that brought us Twittertale, Politweets tracks all tweets that pass through the public Twitter timeline and are related to politics. The current Tweets that are being caught on the Politweets website are all related to estimates about how the New Hampshire primaries will play out tonight.

One feature that isn’t currently included on the website is the ability to track the frequency with which each candidate shows up in tweets. Aside from that, this is a great site for tracking the conversation surrounding politics on Twitter. I wish this site had been up over the weekend when the ABC/Facebook Debates took place. This would have been a continuous stream highlighting users’ take on the debates.

I would imagine that Doug, Gabe, Jason, Min and Dan, will be releasing a number of other Twitter filtering sites in the near future. If you’d like to track politics on Twitter, go check out Politweets.