Politics Daily Columnist Defends Sean Penn, Says She Would Have ‘Throttled’ Examiner Columnist

Politics Daily’s Woman UP (my favorite utterance in the D.C. journalistic lexicon) published a column this weekend by Donna Trussell called “In Defense of Sean Penn”. In it, she has an interesting take on why Penn should be praised and not villainized. She says she would have liked to “throttle” (she stresses, not literally) the Washington Examiner’s Tara Palmeri for recently asking Penn about his comment that he’d like his critics to get rectal cancer. (As previously reported, Palmeri got thrown out of a D.C. Penn/Haiti event for her question.)

Trussell, naturally, brings in her ovarian cancer. She also discusses the color of awareness colorectal cancer ribbons – which were changed from something truly horrifying (brown?) to navy blue – a far more dignified color for colorectal cancer.

Why are we talking rectal cancer again? Right, “In defense of Sean Penn.” She writes, “The man is a genius.”

Read Trussell’s column here.