Politico’s War on Mice (Continued…)

A playful but stern note sent to Politico staff by Editor-in-Chief John Harris. “Let’s be blunt,” he says. Politicos have a role to play in this Newsroom War on Mice (NWOM).

Hey folks,

I want to assure folks that the cavalry is on the way. Robert Allbritton has made it clear that the company will redouble efforts in the Newsroom War on Mice (NWOM.) A group from ACC met this afternoon with the manager of this building, Monday Properties, to discuss the problem.

They are going to jointly figure out a plan of attack for sealing any points of entry in which vermin may be entering the building. For a variety of reasons—including that the space is so big and right above the garage—the combined WJLA/POLITICO newsroom presents a particular challenge, but hardly an impossible one. A professional exterminator is also on the case, and is going to stay on it until the mice are gone.

Let’s be blunt: People in our newsroom also have an important role to play. We have to be really careful to not leave leftover food out in the open in any way. I’d urge you not to keep snacks in your desk unless in a tight container.

I know this sometimes has been talked about around here as a kind of a joke….as though it were just a quirky newsroom eccentricity. But the situation is plainly disgusting—incompatible with a professional work environment. Robert has made clear he shares our view that it is intolerable.

We have to do our part to help colleagues who are doing their best to get this problem licked.