Politico’s Vogel Goes the Hairy Route

Politico‘s Ken Vogel, who appears regularly on TV, is causing a minor stir lately with the emergence of facial hair.

He’s on an expedition of sorts. He’s not going through a Britney Spears shave half your head breakdown or trying to look like a mountain gorilla or anything. As he explained the situation to FishbowlDC, he’s just trying to see if it’s possible for him to grow a beard. “It’s more of an I’m-trying-to-see-if-I-can-grow-a-real-beard beard,” he said over Twitter Direct Messaging. “The jury’s still out, I think.”

Media observers, i.e. the jury, have been watching Vogel’s facial hair emergence like a hawk in recent days and have been following the relatively fast increments of Vogel’s hair growth — within the past week he had a half-beard that some say made him look vaguely dirty. Now it’s filling in nicely and he’s looking more normal. “It needs a little trimming,” remarked a critic. And this: “The facial hair and the ears — it looks like Politico didn’t pay their Cook’s Pest Control bill every time he’s on TV.”

Vogel finds the whole thing rather amusing — even the critics. “I’d rather have people opining on my facial hair than on my big ears — the physical trait mentioned most often in post-TV-hit emails I get,” he said.