Politico’s Thrush, Lee to WH Beat and Other Tweaks

<img alt="313718712_1f10598d9e.jpg" src="/fishbowlDC/files/original/313718712_1f10598d9e.jpg" width="200" class="alignleft" hspace="3" vspace="3"/Politico management, known for changing things up often, is moving Glenn Thrush from the Capitol Hill beat to the White House, writes VandeHarris in a memo to staff. “Glenn is a force of nature,” the editors say.

Joining Thrush will be Carol Lee, who they describe as “tough as nails”.

White House roles will become more specialized — for example, Nia Malika Henderson will cover assignments on First Lady Michelle Obama.

Read the full internal VandeHarris memo after the jump…

The Memo:

Gang, We wanted to update you on a few changes we are making to our White House coverage. The moves are designed to make our very strong coverage even faster, tougher and all the more indispensible. * Glenn Thrush, who has been on unstoppable force on Capitol Hill with his blog and stories, will be moving over to the White House beat as one of our two primary day-to-day reporters working out of the briefing room. Glenn is a force of nature: a gifted writer, reporter and blogger. He will continue to run his blog. * Carol Lee, who has worked tirelessly with Alex Burns and others to make our 44 page a huge journalistic (and business) success, will move up and join Glenn on the daily beat. Carol, like Glenn, is tough as nails, fearless and news-obsessed. Few have worked harder the past year than Carol. * Carol and Glenn will be constant contributors to 44 in our efforts to make the page even more essential to insiders. It is easily our most popular page outside of the homepage. Kendra Marr, who has been working alongside Carol on the page, will take on even larger role in feeding the 44 beast from the briefing room. * Alex will continue to oversee the 44 page but we have also asked him to take on a larger role in making the 2010 page just as fast, newsy and essential. This means Matt Negrin will do more moment-by-moment management of the page. * josh gerstein, eamon Javers, nia malika henderson, and carrie budoff brown will remain a big part of our WH mix – but with more specialized roles: josh (justice and terrorism issues); eamon (economics); nia (the First Lady and other assignments) and Carrie (our chief domestic policy reporter). * craig, as always, will run the coverage. Craig has become one of the true leaders of this place and proven himself as one of the sharpest editors and writers we have ever worked with. Thanks, VandeHarris