Politico’s Clandestine Newsroom

Not every reporter who works for Politico wants to spend his or her days with the journalistic masses in the powerful Hall of Justice in Arlington. What, and spend the day getting shrieked at by Politico Pro Editor Tim Grieve? (That was a joke, everybody.)

So there’s a second newsroom.

Not everyone knows of it. Not everyone can work there because it’s small, and we’re told it resembles a locker room. Some reporters are assigned there. Some can work out of the space for a day or two. Located at 101 Constitution Avenue, it’s Politico‘s satellite newsroom by the Capitol and is located in the basement under Charlie Palmer Steak.

We do not believe a special knock is required to get in, but you never know.

Here’s the description we got from a super triple top secret source: “In the basement, windowless, very stark; about 8-10 cubicles? (the cubicles are connected and face each other in a row.) But there are three offices in the room which news gents from the TV station also use.”

Color scheme: White, creamish.

Size: The porch area at The Palm.