Politico‘s Party Prize Patrol

Christmas came early for 25 guests who attended Politico‘s election night bash at the Newseum Tuesday night. After waiting in a long line that snaked outside and down the black (one couple passed the time by making out), partygoers slipped through registration and received bright red raffle tickets.

Once inside, some 1000 people circled around TV’s to watch the returns while Politico Live sailed on through the night with Executive Editor Jim VandeHei and White House Correspondent Mike Allen on a TV set situated smack in the middle of one of the party rooms.

Politico reporters were sparse and hard to find. The packed party and surprisingly high number of plump guests made it difficult to navigate the space. But drinks were easy to get with a multiple bars. The preference among partygoers was the darkened blue room.

Those red raffle tickets came in handy… The publication awarded five Microsoft Surface tablet computers an hour. The gadget typically runs between $500 and $700.

Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen dressed in matching outfits — dark suit, red tie, white button-down.

GOP Communications Consultant Ron Bonjean on the big screen. He was a guest on Politico Live.

One of the chic bars.