Politico’s MEMO of ‘New Leaders’

Politico‘s VandeHarris issued a memo today announcing five new additions to its senior leadership team. They are: Hemal Jhaveri, Beth Lester, LaRonda Peterson, Dan Berman and Miki King. The memo meanders through the reasons why these employees were promoted. All names are capitalized in the MEMO to match the quintessential all-caps POLITICO.

A quick snapshot: Jhaveri, the new Exec Dir. of Digital Innovation, is the “mastermind” behind Politico‘s surge in traffic; Lester, the new VP of Events, has “top-notch” leadership skills and pays sick attention to detail; Peterson, a new Deputy Managing Editor for Pro, has been “absolutely critical” to Pro’s early success and goes the extra mile; Berman, also a new Deputy Managing Editor for Pro, helped build the “best” energy team in Washington; and King, the new Exec. Dir. for Business Development for Pro, is forging Pro ahead in sales.

The memo ends on a self-editing note: “This memo is officially longer than most POLITICO stories, so we will end here. Please take time to congratulate – and get to know – your new leaders.”

See the entire letter…

The more we grow, the more we need strong leaders to guide us. With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce the addition of five people to POLITICO’s senior leadership team: Hemal Jhaveri, Beth Lester, LaRonda Peterson, Dan Berman and Miki King.
All five will be managing important growth areas for the company – and helping guide POLITICO’s editorial and business expansion in coming months.
HEMAL JHAVERI, the mastermind behind our surge in Google and social media traffic – is getting a big promotion: she is our new Executive Director of Digital Innovation.
Hemal will be in charge of all web innovation projects and oversee our expanding SEO (search engine optimization), social media and analytics efforts. This is a vitally important role for this company, placing Hemal at the center of our web and mobile growth strategies. She will work closely with Danielle Jones, who runs the web for us, Ryan Mannion, who runs the tech team, and Katherine Lehr to make sure our site remains on the cutting edge of functionality, innovation and appearance.  Hemal will be relocating to the office next to Beth Frerking’s.
With Hemal getting this promotion, we are bringing MITCH SCHULER over from the TBD team to serve as her deputy and run SEO, social media and analytics for us. Mitch has been a versatile star at TBD, helping build, organize and run the operation on the other side of the room. His title is Director of Search and Analytics. This is a great get for us – and a nice one-two punch for POLITICO.
BETH LESTER: If you’ve attended any POLITICO events over the last eight months, including this morning’s Playbook Breakfast with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner or last night’s Pro Trivia event, you will know why we are giving Beth a big promotion. In a short period of time, Beth has managed to hire an all-star team, produce and execute first-class events and — with the help of Roy Schwartz, Mike Schoenbrun, Mike McGrath and the rest of our sales team — attract a number of high profile sponsorships that have taken us above and beyond our event revenue goals for the year. As Vice President of Events, Beth will be working closely with the leaders on both the sales and editorial sides of our operation to grow our events business. Beth’s top-notch leadership skills, creative mind and attention to detail are a rare and essential combination for us.
LARONDA PETERSON will be one of two new deputy managing editors for Pro. LaRonda has been absolutely critical to Pro’s early success – leading a team of web producers and copy editors and working through the night more often than we’d like to admit.  In her new role as DME, she’ll continue to lead the production team and take on more responsibility for improving Pro’s work-flow and coordinating with main POLITICO, the web developers, events and other departments. LARONDA is a terrific example of someone who rose quickly through ranks here by mastering her roles and always going the extra mile to make this place rock.
DAN BERMAN is the other new DME for Pro. Dan was the first editor we hired for Pro — before it was even Pro — and he has helped us build the best energy reporting team in Washington.  He’ll continue to run the energy team with the help of Deputy Energy Editor Bob King; he’ll oversee our lobbying coverage, including Chris Frates’s POLITICO Intelligence; and he’ll be a key player as Pro moves into new subject areas. And Dan and LaRonda will also keep doing what they’ve been doing from the start — providing us their advice and counsel on all things Pro as we continue to grow.
Finally, we wanted to make sure everyone on the editorial side is aware of our new head of PRO sales: MIKI KING.  Roy Schwartz announced earlier this month that Miki will be the new Executive Director for Business Development for POLITICO Pro, and we’re already seeing big dividends: In the last week, the business development team has brought in a number of big site licenses for Pro – putting us even further ahead of the sales projections we made before launch.
This memo is officially longer than most POLITICO stories, so we will end here. Please take time to congratulate – and get to know – your new leaders.
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