Politico’s Joe Williams: The Phantom of Twitter

For the second time since the fiasco began, Politico‘s suspended bad boy White House Correspondent Joseph Williams has shut down his Twitter account, or “Tweeter” as he likes to say. First he was public, then he made it private and then ceased tweeting and deleted the account. Then he resurrected himself, but made it private. Earlier today he reignited his account to comment on the heightened Supreme Court decision on healthcare. And now, the account has been deleted for a second time. Williams closed it approximately three to four hours ago.

His new nickname: The Phantom of the Tweeter.

“I am on a roller coaster of emotion,” one reader wrote in.

You’re not alone, dear reader. So are we. Our guess is that either Politico, with whom he’s supposedly working things out, or his lawyer shut his ass up.

Williams was suspended last week after making racial comments about Mitt Romney on MSNBC and further comments perceived as distasteful on Twitter. The Free Beacon pub first broke the news of his MSNBC appearance, followed by repeated stories by Breitbart.com and The Daily Caller revealing what they deem is his liberal bias.

Technology sources tell us that you can “delete” your account, but it doesn’t really delete it. It just hides it so it looks like it’s gone, and then, of course, whenever you’re ready you can reactivate.

We fully expect Phantom’s return.