POLITICO’s Dylan Byers Signs off from Life in DC

Dylan ByersToday is Dylan Byers last day as a POLITICO employee based in Washington before moving Westward to the city of bright lights. In April, we got our paws on an internal memo announcing Byers’ move to LA with his fiancé – the same email that announced senior POLITICO writer Todd Purdum and his wife Dee Dee Myers would also relocate to Los Angeles after Myers took a job leading communications at Warner Brothers.

Byers send out an email to POLITICO and Capital New York staff at 2:55am EDT today, letting them know that moving day was upon him and encouraged them to reach out for drinks the next time they’re in LA.

See his email, after the jump. Bon voyage, Byers!

From: Dylan Byers
Date: June 24, 2014 at 2:55:24 AM EDT
To: TP-Staff
Cc: Capital New York
Subject: Going Hollywood


Today is my last day in Washington. I’m packing it up moving to Los Angeles, the city that brought you Ronald Reagan, Obama vs. Clinton at the Kodak, and the steady deterioration of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

It’s been a pleasure and a privilege working in your company. Several of you have been great sources for tips, leads, comments and criticism. I’m grateful to you for that, and I encourage you to continue via phone, email, gchat, text, etc. My beat remains the same, the only difference is that I’ll be waking up three hours earlier.

Hadas Gold remains in D.C. She’s been an absolute triumph on the blog, and I encourage you to get to know her if you haven’t already.

I’ll be back in Washington and New York on occasion, and look forward to seeing you then. Unfortunately the demands of moving 3,000 miles cross-country means there’s no time for a farewell cocktail hour. In lieu of that, I’m extending a standing invitation to visit in Los Angeles. Todd Purdum and I will be the ones on the pier debating the direction of the surf.

Seriously: If any of you are in L.A., I expect a phone call. Drinks on me.

My best,

Dylan Byers
Media Reporter, POLITICO
Address TK, Los Angeles, Calif.