Politico Welcomes David Rogers

From an internal email, obtained by FishbowlDC:

    I wanted let all of you know officially that David Rogers, who recently left the Wall Street Journal, will be joining our congressional team on Monday.

    Simply put, David is the best congressional reporter in the country. There is a reason ABC News dubbed him the “101st Senator,” and Jerry Seib called him the “gold standard” for Hill journalists. He has been the dominant voice covering Congress for decades, with his reporting and insight carrying unquestioned authority and weight on Capitol Hill. He is a terrific writer who possesses encyclopedic knowledge of the congressional players and policies.

    On a personal note, I will never be more gratified by a hire at Politico. David was my mentor at the WSJ; I learned to work harder, report more comprehensively and structure stories more coherently under him. Best of all, the guy has always had a great heart.

    It will be a great pleasure to see the David Rogers byline on the pages of Politico. Please welcome him next week, and do no hesitate to seek his guidance and advice on any congressional or political stories you are pursuing in the months ahead.