Politico Spruces Up Video, Media Teams

Politico is making changes to its video and media teams. Key points: 1. Carrie Stevenson, a 20-year veteran of CNN, has been hired as executive producer of their live shows at the summer presidential conventions. 2. Lauren Pulte has been promoted to Video Manager and Producer. 3. Olivia Petersen has been promoted to Media Relations Manager. 4. They’ve hired Jacqueline Corba as their New Media Coordinator. They plucked her from GWU, where she was until last week. 5. Alexander Trowbridge (or “Trow” as they like to call him in the wilds of Rosslyn) will now be a Video Reporter. 6. Julio Negron has been promoted to Senior Video Producer. 6. Madeline Marshall is their “newest” video producer, whose recent claim to fame is being proposed to in the newsroom. She’s engaged to Photo Editor Jay Westcott.

See the memo…

Hi all –

I would like to share some exciting moves and changes on our video and media teams.

We’re thrilled to announce that Carrie Stevenson has joined POLITICO as executive producer of our live shows at this summer’s Republican and Democratic conventions. Carrie brings amazing skills and insight to the team with her more than 20 years’ experience at CNN. During her time there, Carrie helped lead “Larry King Live,” created and launched several highly successful shows and produced and managed programming for a number of large-scale political events. Carrie will work closely with our very talented chief video producer Matt Sobocinski on the development of our convention shows – and she’ll be busy over the next couple of months producing other “POLITICO LIVE” programs leading up to the RNC and DNC.

Lauren Pulte has been promoted to Video Manager and Producer. During the primary season, Lauren put her newsmaker booking skills and TV experience to work, playing a major role with each of our POLITICO LIVE shows. As we continue to experiment with live video, Lauren has been tapped to help Carrie produce these shows. As video manager, Lauren will oversee the day-to-day operation of the very busy video team – while making sure our content is getting the most play possible.

Olivia Petersen has been promoted to Media Relations Manager. She has been instrumental in increasing our POLITICO interviews on TV and radio and has done a great job leading media outreach efforts for projects like POLITICO’s eBooks and Battleground Polls.  She’ll play a major role in marketing POLITICO at the conventions with the help of our new media coordinator – Jacqueline Corba. Jacqui joined us last month from George Washington University and has already become a familiar face to many of you with her great work promoting POLITICOs on television and radio. Please welcome her if you haven’t already.

Alexander Trowbridge moves into an exciting new role on the video team – Video Reporter. This year, Trow has impressed us with his highly produced, smart video features. In this new role, Trow will be able to focus his attention on reporting through video – using his keen editorial eye and impressive editing skills to create the type of video content that separates POLITICO from the competition.

Julio Negron has been promoted to Senior Video Producer. Since joining POLITICO a year ago, Julio has taken the look of our videos to the next level, with sharp graphics that rival cable news and his innovative editing and shooting skills. In this new role, Julio will continue to develop our on-demand video content.

Last, but not least, please welcome Madeline Marshall – our newest video producer. Madeline will work on everything from aggregating video clips to shooting video series. With a master’s in journalism from the University of Maryland and a photojournalism degree from the Corcoran College of Art, she brings a unique set of skills to the team that we’re excited to have. You may also recognize her from the now-viral POLITICO proposal video. 😉


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