Politico, Reuters Forge Content Deal

Politico and Reuters have forged a deal that will allow clients of the new Politico Network access to Reuters material, according to Politico executive editor Jim Vandehei.

The deal, announced Dec. 15, will include Reuters’ news content in the Politico Network that has already signed up 107 clients, including 67 newspapers. Clients use the material primarily on their web sites and split revenue from ads placed with the material with Politico.

“They get a piece of revenue and a wider audience for their content,” Vandehei said of Reuters. “They get greater exposure.”

Each Politico Network client will be able to use 10 Reuters stories and 10 Reuters photos each day under the agreement. In addition, for the first six months, they will be able to use Reuters content in their print papers, with an option for future use under an undetermined pay agreement. The Reuters deal will begin in January.

“It provides premium content and allows us to offer the Reuters expanded coverage,” Vandehei added. “We bring them into that basket of what is offered.”

Reuters, meanwhile, will use some Politico content on its news wires for its clients under an additional charge, Vandehei said.

He said Politico may soon bring other news outlets into the network: “We are very open to talking to other content providers about providing their content to the Politico network. In this environment, there are not a lot of media companies who want to spend more money.”

The New York Times today reports Reuters’ reactions, below:

Politico would offer Reuters a foot in the door at a large number of United States news operations, said Christoph A. Pleitgen, the managing director of the Reuters News Agency, which is based in London.

He said his service had just 15 newspaper clients in this country, compared with more than 1,400 for The Associated Press. The Politico Network, introduced in September, already has more than 60 newspapers and more than 40 broadcasters as clients.

“If we can, through this, engage with potential clients we don’t have a relationship with, that’s fantastic,” he said. “There absolutely is an untapped market.”