Politico Reporters on Edge: Scenes From the Newsroom

Wednesday morning was not a calm scene inside Politico‘s newsroom. While at least three members of the newsroom staff have lost their jobs as of late, due to, in some cases, merit and the natural course of restructuring post election, some rank and file reporters and even those in higher posts, are exhibiting a case of the jitters, wondering, are we next?

Fishbowl sources inside Politico informed us that at least three reporters and one editor were spotted cruising job listings on Wednesday morning, with many whispering and worrying about the recent job cuts. “They don’t seem to understand how this method of firing people and letting the rumor mill flourish is making a lot of people unsettled,” a Politico insider told us strictly on condition of anonymity. “A lot of fear. What’s worse, there’s a sense that the bosses LIKE the fear. Strange way to motivate a staff that has helped make you rich.”

But a Politico source in a leadership role tells us their fears are unfounded, that 2013 will be a year of growth and job security. What’s more, as we’ve reported, 30 positions on both the news and business side, are expected to be filled. And Editor-in-Chief John Harris confirms the sentiment.

“Politico has very robust plans for growth ahead of us in the new year and we expect everyone who is currently on our staff to be participating in a number of new initiatives that we will be undertaking in the new year,” Harris told FishbowlDC in a phone interview.

So should reporters just take a chill pill? To put this in some context, Politico recently parted ways with a small number of employees — Photographer Jay Westcott and Politico Pro technology writer Jess Kamen and others.  As it was explained to us by the Politico source in a leadership role…there are no staff cutbacks or retrenching at Politico. What’s happening is that post election management, as it has done in the past, is taking a breath. “There is nothing to the rumors,” our source explained. “If there are people who are not working out or employees in posts that don’t represent growth areas, it’s the logical time to take a breath and put the right people in the right jobs. Whatever is needed to be done is done.”

Clarification: Earlier we had written that Eliza Krigman was among those parting ways with Politico. Though our sources remain adamant about it, saying the team has already secured another reporter and she has weeks to find a new job, she insists it’s not true, saying, “I currently plan to be at Politico in a month.” Developing…