Politico Reporter’s Kazoo Fails at Trivia Contest

Politico‘s Jonathan Martin had a tough night last night. After all, he had something happen that only happens at second-grade talent shows. In short, his kazoo stopped working and he lost a trivia contest.
To be fair, it wasn’t really his fault. Poor Martin’s musical instrument failed, leaving him visibly annoyed. Had it been working, who knows who would have won?
Martin appeared alongside Real Clear Politics‘ Erin McPike (soon-t0-be a CNN General Assignment Reporter), and Bloomberg‘s Megan Hughes on a panel of presidential experts Thursday night at Brooks Brothers – the Clothier that has dressed 39 of 44 U.S. presidents – at it’s flagship store in Georgetown.
Final score was 9(Megan) – 4 (JMart) – 3 (McPike).
The trio answered questions on presidential and inaugural history from the acting director of the National Museum of American History and former director of the National Portrait Gallery Marc Pachter. Hughes, who said she spent hours studying, came prepared to list each president in chronological order and took the prize of$1,000 to be donated to the charity of her choice, which is DC’s Central Kitchen. 
Who was there? Spotted: Fox News’ Ed Henry, NBC MTP’s Betsy Fischer, Politico‘s Christine Delargy, Thrillist’s Leo Schmid, TIME‘s Jay Newton-Small, WTOP’s Bob Madigan, TWT‘s Emily Miller, Blogger Kate Michael, Freelancer Annie Groer, US News & World Report‘s Tierney Sneed, The Hill‘s Judy Kurtz, Mary Katherine Steel, Tim Burger, Christina Sevilla, The Hamilton’s Jennifer Vinson, Brunswick Group’s Catherine Hill, Aaron Winkler, Andrea Szempruch, Ebong Eka, and Brooks Brothers Historian Kelly Nickel.