Politico Reporter Embraces Pointless Item

As bloggers, we know only too well that not every item is gold. But many writers try not to run items as pointless as this one by Politico‘s Reid Epstein. Epstein, typically an extremely capable and productive White House reporter, wrote this 44-word post about whether President Obama thinks NBC “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno is funny, which Epstein apparently –gasp!– confirmed with the White House.

What’s the White House going to say, “No, Reid, actually the President hates him, thinks he’s an asshole and doesn’t think he’s funny at all.” What’s more, the author hilariously … attributed the quote to a “senior administration official”, which might insinuate that the official might tell him something important.

But no.

Reid’s tough question: “Asked whether the president believes the late night host is funny, a senior administration official told reporters Wednesday: ‘Sure. He does.'”

The Daily Caller‘s Jamie Weinstein poked at Epstein, sarcastically complimenting Epstein’s piece. “Really excellent @politico story,” he wrote. “Just superb reporting.”

Read the full absurdity here.