Politico Reporter Chats With John Oliver

Politico‘s Kasie Hunt is famous!

Last night she graced “The Daily Show” in a segment in which Senior Political Correspondent John Oliver grilled her about former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin‘s bus tour. Oliver was in New Hampshire late last week where many journalists, including Hunt, were covering Palin.

Politico brass may not be ecstatic that Hunt was referred to as the “lamestream media,” but this is “The Daily Show,” so we think this will slide. Oliver yammered on about the bus, mixing in double entendre about how spacious Palin’s bus was. “Are we still talking about the bus?” he asked a few times. Then he shifted to Hunt and the other journalists:”Of course the lamestream media didn’t appreciate this opportunity of a lifetime,” Oliver said. Pan to Hunt: “It’s been frustrating following her,” she told him. “There’s no addresses, there’s no itinerary, there’s no information.”

The Times of London‘s D.C. reporter Nico Hines described Palin’s contemptuous attitude toward journalists. “She’s throwing us little, little tiny crumbs,” Hines said with an English accent.

Oliver’s attentions turned to the Portsmouth Herald reporter Joey Cresta. “At the very least you’ve interviewed this bus’s biggest superfan,” Oliver said, needling him. “Interview me about the bus!” So Cresta asked, “Well what do you think about the bus?” Oliver replied, “I f–king love the bus! Question two.”


“Are you kidding me?” an irate Oliver asked. “Is that it?” Cresta rallied: “Okay, how many psi’s are in the tires of this bus?” Oliver immediately went after him. “See? That’s just the kind of gotcha journalism that you lamestream media have become famous for.”

Oliver whacked Cresta over the head repeatedly with rolled up paper throughout his interview. Hunt, meanwhile, avoided the comedian’s abuse.

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