Politico Proud as Peacocks Over 76-Pager

2395934554_838b3a11d9.jpg Politico reached its largest issue yet today in three years with a 76-page “Welcome Back to Congress” issue. The previous high was 64 pages. Today’s publication had a total of 43 and one-third ad pages.

The excitement within the paper began last night with a tweet from Congressional Bureau Chief Martin Kady, saying, “Who says print is dying? Politico has a 76 page paper tomorrow — our largest ever.”

Editor-in-Chief John Harris seconded Kady’s comment. “It definitely was a herculean effort on the editorial and production side,” he told FishbowlDC this afternoon. “Oddly enough our printer is in New Jersey. Because this was so much bigger than our standard issue, it really required people in the newsroom to be much more organized.”

Harris pointed in particular to Managing Editor Bill Nichols and Deputy Managing Editor Erika Compart for pulling this off. “I was amazed at how untense it was,” he said. “It really went off without a hitch.”

Harris said Compart had to run a tight ship with newsroom staff and not tolerate any lagging deadlines. “She had to be tough…especially where VandeHei and I are the worst offenders, wanting to make late changes,” he said, referring to his other newspaper half, Executive Editor Jim VandeHei.

The editor took a moment to take a stab at competing Capitol Hill publications, saying, “Our news team is producing such a first-class product, and in my mind, superior product against our Washington competition. Advertisers must agree because they are voting with their feet by coming to us.”