They are taking over…

On Feb. 23rd politico appointed Rob Collins chief of staff for Rep. Eric Cantor.

Rob Collins is Rep. Eric Cantor’s COS, whose friends are Facebook-manics and maniacs, apparently. One friend cried, “I feel like if Rob joined Facebook, it would mean that he wants to be a better person. Because right now, Rob has emotionally closed himself off from us on the internet.”

Apparently the Facebook fiasco really floored them because the next day they took his crown:

Although not a single Republican in the House voted for Obama’s economic recovery bill, Rob Collins, Cantor’s deputy chief of staff, said the minority whip is “committed to working with the entire Democrat leadership team to reflect President Obama’s desire for a transformational Congress that is focused on common-sense bipartisan legislation.”

Ten bucks says I’m FBDC deputy blogger by the end of the day. Congrats Christine!