Politico Playbook ‘Presented By’ Who?


For the past two days Politico Playbook by Mike Allen has been “Presented by Washington News Channel 8.” Which wouldn’t be odd, except News Channel 8 has supposedly changed its name.

On TBD’s launch day, Monday, Steve Buttry, TBD’s Director of Community Engagement, explained on the site, “You can watch TBD TV in the Washington area on the former NewsChannel 8 (renamed, but still on the same cable channel).”

It is all in the family. Allbritton owns both TBD and Politico. We’re just getting technical about it.

As explained so pleasantly by Buttry this morning to FishbowlDC:

“That’s a campaign that started before the switch and will probably conclude using the NC8 brand. If you notice on the screen, we are co-branding in this transition period, showing both logos in the lower right corner. Also will take a while to change logos on trucks (and even our office doors). So it’s a transitional issue. Thanks for noticing.”

Allen had no comment on who presents his Playbook.