Politico Mouse Wants an Orgasm

Politico‘s mice problem has reached a whole new level of weirdness.

Someone in Politico‘s midst appears to be tweeting under a new handle created just 19 hours ago called @politicomouse. The mouse’s tweets are mostly cute and harmless, playful threatening banter and a desire for an orgasm (we’ll get to this in a moment). The mouse’s number of followers is seriously lacking in something, like people. It has 11 followers. The bio: “POLITICO Senior Rodent Correspondent. Winning the cheese since 2007.”

Things we now know…

Introductions: Hi, I’m POLITICO Mouse. I go all over World Headquarters, but I spend most of my time near @jameshohmann’s desk. #crumbs

Threat: @jenhab Careful…I know where you sit. (He or she is referring to health care policy reporter Jennifer Haberkorn)

Movie watching during work hours?: The mouse allegedly retreats to the conference room to watch “When Harry Met Sally.” The mouse recites the line from the woman at the next table from Meg Ryan who says, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Uh oh, danger: What’s this I hear about an exterminator? Did I miss a memo?

And then, our shameless favorite: Yikes! Gotta check @FishbowlDC more often. [Read here.]