Politico’s Mike Allen Wants to Know When he F&%ks Up

Listen up Politico Playbook readers. Author Mike Allen wants to know when he screws up, and who better to tell him than you? Or NYT‘s Jonathan Weisman, whoever gets to him first.

Has he been consulting the Dalai Lama?

This morning he has dreamed up a new feature. It’s called QUALITY CONTROL. It’s bolded and in all-caps. And he doesn’t just want the little nitpicky bullsh-t crap that everyone gets (although that’s perfectly acceptable too), he wants the “larger truths” as well.

This should be fun to watch.

Have a look.

From Allen:

“QUALITY CONTROL: If there’s a mistake in Playbook (either literal accuracy or larger truth) — or if I really miss the boat on something, through omission or commission — I want to address it clearly, and am going to start using this heading. And I’m always grateful for your links, tips, top tweets. mallen@politico.com