Politico Memo Renames Techy ‘Christ’

Yesterday Politico, along with five other media outlets, launched their Powerjobs site, dedicated to connecting Washington’s high profile employers connect with potential employees. What’s humorous is the internal memo that Politico‘s Chief Revenue Office Roy Schwartz sent out yesterday in which he inflates a regular member of the development team to the level of Christ.

Thankfully, we don’t think Chris Buddie, Politico‘s Director of User Experience, has a god complex. But strangely enough, his bio says that when he’s not busy diagramming user-flows, he’s in his woodshop handcrafting furniture and his famous cutting boards.

See the memo…

Subject: PowerJobs launched today!
Good Morning,
Today is the official launch of PowerJobs! PowerJobs is a new highly tailored website aimed at helping employers and employees in the influential industries that make up Washington’s workforce. It’s a great extension of the POLITICO brand and is a joint partnership with Washington’s leading news organizations ABC7/WJLA and WTOP and Federal News Radio.  It’s taken a huge effort from a large number of people to help make this happen and I wanted to take a few minutes and thank everyone who participated.  First I want to thank Beth Dwyer who we hired from the Washington Post to lead this effort.  Beth jumped in and has done an incredible job building a sales team, working with Sara and the marketing team on all the marketing materials, helping to build the website and selling launch packages.  Beth thank you for your hard work and for hiring such a talented team of sales people.  Thanks to Jen White, Robin Johnson, Jodi Williams and Alex Lemley for joining the PowerJobs team and making hundreds of sales calls.
Thanks to the development team who created the landing pages for the website, numerous job widgets and helping to launch the back end system.  We really appreciate your hard work on this launch!  Michael Marcialis, Jen Dryer, Ryan Mannion, Mike Devich, Paul Frederiksen, Christ Buddie, Walker Pitman and Chris Behm. [Note to readers: Christ is actually “Chris” Buddie, no offense to Chris or Jesus.]
Also, this launch would not have been possible without Sara Olson,  Laurie Lawrence and Kristin Lance. They created a marketing plan on TV, Radio, Print and Online.  Check out POLITICO.com, WTOP.com and WJLA today.  The ads look amazing!  Special thanks to Cally Stolbach and Walt Houseknecht for helping with the advertising plan and placement.
I hope I did not miss anyone.  This was a very successful launch so thanks to everyone who helped!