Politico Creates Full-Time Marketing Unit

Politico is creating a full-time marketing unit. The new head of it will be Sara Olson, who has received a major promotion to the post of VP of Marketing. “It’s no secret that all of us think the world of Sara,” said COO Kim Kingsley in an internal memo, who adds that Sara has never failed at any assignment.
Note to Sara: Not to worry, expectations will be on full tilt.
See the memo, which mentions that the publication had 6,000 TV and radio bookings in 2012…
Subject: Great news…
We have some great news to share with everyone: after years of relying on various departments within our company to manage their own marketing efforts, we have now created one centralized, full-time marketing unit for POLITICO.
…and we have some even better news: Sara Olson will be running the show.
As Vice President of Marketing, Sara will have a clear mandate to spread the POLITICO brand internally and externally and she will have help from her incredibly talented team: Olivia Petersen, Jacqui Corba, Kristin Lance and Laurie Lawrence.
The unit will focus on media relations, business marketing, product promotion, partnerships and more. Note the incredible success this group has already had with more than 6,000 television and radio bookings in 2012, the successful promotion of new products like POWERJobs and the Random House e-book series and the creation of some of the sharpest looking marketing materials we’ve ever produced.
It’s no secret that all of us think the world of Sara. She is a gifted manager, smart and creative thinker, determined and persistent problem-solver and brings to work an infectious enthusiasm for POLITICO each and every day.
She has never failed at any assignment so we are certain the powerful POLITICO brand will be stronger and more widely known under her leadership.
Please join us in congratulating her on this promotion.