Politico Makes “Face” Debut


Jim Vandehei, John Harris and Josie Hearn headed to the “Face the Nation” studio yesterday for the inaugural Politico-“Face the Nation” collaboration.

One tipster spots this blurb on CBS’ website

    There will soon be a new outlet for political junkies called Politico.com. About 20 reporters from major newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post have left their jobs to work at the new Web site which will be devoted solely to politics.

…and writes in:<UL

The only person I could find who left the Times for Politico is one:

    Helena Andrews is a staff writer for Politico. She worked in publishing in New York, Chicago and now Washington. Helena comes to Politico from The New York Times Washington bureau where she wrote stories on the Beltway reality series “The Hill” and Chapelletheory.com.”

Not to discount Ms. Andrews’ already impressive career but they seem to be stretching things a bit, no? Like if Obama was able to convince a Hillary intern to join him, wouldn’t the crack reporters at the Politico call him on a press release that trumpeted the move?