Politico Loses National Ad Director to NYT

Oh, the fight between Politico and the NYT just got a little bit nastier.

As of late last week, Politico lost its National Advertising Director, Jacquelyn Humenik Cameron. She leaves to head the NYT advocacy and political practice in Washington.

The move is seen, at least in some circles, as a “very big loss” for Politico‘s  ad sales team.

We requested comment from Cameron as well as Politico Editor-in-Chief John Harris. Trying to contact Politico by phone is quite the ordeal. For starters, the general mailbox is full. And then, when you reach “an attendant” — it’s a computer generated voicemail system with a female voice.

On Politico‘s website, the contact for advertising is Cara Bowers. In her bio, Bowers is an “executive assistant.” As of this morning, Politico‘s masthead still lists Cameron as the top name in their list of four National Advertising Directors. Her LinkedIn bio also still lists her as working for Politico.

Cameron declined to comment.