POLITICO Launches Annual 10-Day Journalism Institute

POLITICO today announced the launch of its Journalism Institute, a 10-day annual program for college students interested in pursuing a political journalism career in Washington. Bill Nichols will direct the program alongside Kara Kearns, who will assist in its organization.

Senior editors and reporters from POLITICO will lead much of the program’s content. It is also tied to the American University School of Communication and the Maynard Institute for Journalism Education.

The POLITICO Journalism Institute will launch July 31 and the deadline to apply is June 27.

For more, click through for POLITICO Executive Editor Rick Berke’s announcement to staff.

From: Rick Berke
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 11:39 PM
To: TP-Staff
Subject: Coming Tomorrow

To the POLITICO Staff:

A head’s up about some exciting news: Tomorrow, we will announce the creation of the POLITICO Journalism Institute, an intensive, 10-day annual program based here in Rosslyn to help identify and train the best and brightest college students who are passionate about pursuing careers as political journalists in Washington.

POLITICO has a commitment to diversity as an essential journalistic value, and we see this institute as critical in our goal toward helping make all newsrooms more inclusive. The program also reflects our determination to continue recruiting top-notch talent, and exposing these students to our brand of journalism even before they enter the workforce. Our hope is that this program will pay dividends, to both POLITICO and to the larger world of journalism, for years to come.

This will also be a terrific chance for many of you to step up in mentoring roles, helping to train and teach our institute students. Bill Nichols will be the program’s director, in addition to his other duties. Kara Kearns will also play a key role in organizing the institute and has been instrumental in getting it launched. We are working closely with American University’s School of Communication (students will live at AU dorms) and the Maynard Institute for Journalism Education.

Reporters, editors, designers, producers, photographers and video journalists are all welcome to apply, and we will give preference to rising juniors and seniors. We hope to start with an initial class of 10 students. The program begins on July 31.

Please be on the lookout for college students who might be interested in applying, and feel free to reach out to your alumni contacts. The June 27 deadline for applications is fast approaching.

Here is the link with details of how to apply: www.politico.com/pji