Politico Hires ‘Scandalous Sex’ Writer for Click

Karin Tanabe quit her job as managing editor of Washington Life on Friday. At the moment, she’s on a jaunt out of the country, but soon she’ll return for a features position at Politico‘s Click. We hear that she’s replacing Anne Schroeder Mullins, who left Politico to start a media consulting business.
As for scandalous sex, it’s true. She’s working on a book about scandalous sex in Washington. But it’s unlikely that she’ll bring that genre to Click.
Tanabe has side gigs: She has blogged for HuffPost Style. She also has a blog called NakedThanks.com, a daily blog she writes with Stacey Pfarr, a Washington Life columnist, in which the women sarcastically thank people — for example, Pfarr thanks McDonalds for letting her “urinate within their walls,” and Tanabe thanks Toyota’s Camry for the back seat of her boyfriend’s car that they use on hot summer nights.
Read Tanabe’s blog sample below:

Find out Tanabe’s likes and dislikes after the jump…for instance, she’s not a fan of rodents with tails.

Likes: taking pictures, embarrassingly bad music, philately, the zorse, Paris, spending money like she has it, Sephora, American literature, foliage trackers, pretending to like whiskey, sleeping outside, bending the strong arm of the law
Dislikes: rodents with tails, animation, milk, halitosis, the New York City subway, figurines, the movie Serendipity