Politico Goes on a Beaver Hunt

As Politico‘s Patrick Gavin noted in a story this week, we learned Mitt Romney‘s VP pick, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is a noodler. Noodling, also known as handfishing, involves shoving your hand into an underwater, abandoned badger hole and letting a catfish bite you so that you can catch it without a line and a hook. It seems like exciting stuff, but you have to possess a certain amount of crazy to do it. In the story are several references to the badger holes in which the fish hide out. As Gavin points out in his piece, Romney has granted an interview to “Big Game Fishing Journal” to discuss the over-regulation of fishing, etc. It’s a boring interview. But, that’s not how Gavin phrases it. He ends the piece by remarking on the lameness of the piece by writing, “It’s dry enough of an interview to make you want to shove your hand in a beaver hole.” While I’m not exactly an expert on dry beaver holes, I’m hoping Gavin, who everyone knows is a big cat person, just mistook a badger for a beaver…  Let’s hope he doesn’t confuse his dog for a pussy.