Politico Continues eBook Assault on Readers

If you’ve been reading Playbook lately, the newsletter from Politico’s Mike Allen, you’d swear he’s fighting the ghost of Billy Mays to become America’s most obnoxious pitchman.  He has been relentlessly promoting his new E-Book, The Right Fights Back, authored with Evan Thomas.  Playbook began the assault on November 30, when the lead story was the announcement that the book was available.  When Politico toots its own horn, it’s not necessarily shocking, so we sort of brushed it off.  Then, the next day, there was another mention.  Then the day after that, ANOTHER mention.  Three days in a row, Mike?  Then, on the fourth day, Saturday December 3, Allen REALLY ratcheted up the heat.  THREE separate mentions in one Playbook.  This is emotionally draining!  And then, something miraculous happened.  Sunday, December 4, there were no mentions in Playbook for the E-Book.  Hell, even Jesus took a day off.  We were lulled into a false sense of security as Playbook avoided mentioning the book during the first of this week until a special email arrived from John Harris and Jim VandeHei promoting the book as a “just the right thing for the political junkie in your life.”  They even added a crazy touch of class by wishing us season’s greetings at the end of the email.  Bravo, Politico.  The patented sneak attack.  We fell for it.  Maybe sales aren’t doing as well as predicted because in this morning’s Playbook, Mike Allen had a barnburner of a LEAD story:

THANK YOU, PLAYBOOKERS! Debuting at #8 on The New York Times E-Book Best Sellers list of Dec. 18: “THE RIGHT FIGHTS BACK, by Evan Thomas and Mike Allen. … (Random House Publishing.) Two journalists report on the early stages of the Republican presidential campaign; the first edition of Politico’s ‘Playbook 2012,’ four digital books on the 2012 election.” If you haven’t treated yourself yet, it’s only $2.99.

If I haven’t treated myself???  If I haven’t treated myself, I’ll have an extra slice of pie, not an E-Book.  It’s not like you haven’t let us forget to buy the damn thing with your constant reminders.  I look forward to seeing how many more ways they can cram these plugs down our inboxes.