Politico CEO Says Politico is Amazing

It could be the best company in the world

Memos from media executives are always to be taken with a  gigantic boulder of salt. Rarely do they shed any light on what is actually happening at a company. They really just function as a way for an exec to pat themselves and their company on the back. We’re sure you’ve seen memos like this — but you’ve never seen one as good as one recently sent from Politico’s CEO, Jim VandeHei.

Though parts of VandeHei’s memo — obtained by WaPo — are obviously a joke, there are sections that you just know he believes. Below are some highlights.

“There is no media company growing with more conviction and muscle than us.”

None. Zero! Also, don’t try to find one, dammit.

“This place is stacked with talent in editorial, business and technology that makes explosive growth so attainable.”

It’s really quite easy to be wildly successful.

“The one thing that bothers me about some coverage of comings and goings is the lack of emphasis on the flood of new talent.”

Please, media, cover us the way we want to be covered. However…

“You just can’t get worked up about criticism. In fact, you should be humble enough to mine it for any truth.”

We assume “humble” is used ironically here.