Politico Cartoonist Releases Obama App

Matt Wuerker, the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist for Politico, has released a new app that’s available for download in the iTunes store. It’s called “Obamagram” and it features a caricature of Barack Obama, drawn by Wuerker, who repeats ANYTHING you tell it. Just think of the wealth of opportunities that this app could unleash. Groups of right wingers making the app shout “NOBAMACARE” and lefties fulfilling personal fantasies by having POTUS talk dirty to them.

Wuerker tells FBDC, “I find the evolution of the media and also of cartooning really fascinating and this seemed like a fun opportunity to wander out on that new frontier a little.  There are other talking avatar apps out there, but this one was specifically designed to let people jump into the circus of the 2012 campaign and clown around on their own.”

We took it for a test drive this afternoon and, while it’s pretty cool, there are some flaws. The voice that repeats your phrases back to you isn’t in the voice of Obama. It sounds like the voice of a high pitched helium factory worker who got kicked in the balls. (Helium factories are a thing, right?) We also had a hard time recording what we wanted POTUS to say. The timing never quite worked out the way we wanted it to. We do like that you can share videos via Facebook and YouTube. For 99 cents, it’s a pretty fun thing to have on your phone.

Wuerker also tell us that if the app is successful, he intends “to be nonpartisan about this and quickly turn out a Romneygram App.” You can learn more about it here.

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