Politico Can’t Get Enough of Itself

If you don’t think that Mike Allen’s Playbook is the holy grail by which all other political newsletters should be judged, you’re wrong. At least, that’s what Politico thinks. They take the daily blast SO seriously, that Patrick Gavin examined a year’s worth of Playbooks to give us the autopsy of 365 days of the MUST READ daily digest. Poor Gavin joins the endless circle jerk of Allen fanboys. Here’s a sample of what he found.

–      1,132,401 total word count. It’s not like anyone ever accused Allen of being “concise.”

–      Mentions of “JMart” – 45. Mentions of “Jonathan Martin” – 133. This led the pack for journo mentions inside Playbook. Frankly, we are STUNNED that a Politico journalist would lead the way in that category. A reporter from Politico is reporting on the mentions of a reporter from Politico by a reporter from Politico.

–      Total “h/t”s – 634. I guess the old African proverb is true. “It takes a village to build a sycophantic base of back patters to tell you what a great newsletter you’re writing.”

Gavin goes so far as to examine all of the baby mentions from the year of Playbook and finds that Allen “welcomed” 55 babies into the world and the average weight of the babies was 7.48 lbs. He also takes the time to look up the five biggest babies, which included his own 9lb, 2 ounce cherub.

Check out the entire list of data compiled by Gavin. It really is a classic example of Politico patting itself on the back JUST because they are Politico. For the record, I let out 17 audible groans while reading Patrick Gavin’s piece. We reached out to Gavin to see if he had a comment on his school project. He assures us that Politico didn’t put him up to it. Sigh. This was his idea.