Politico Announces (Three Times) Plans to Expand Pro

Several reporters from Bloomberg, Reuters and Dow Jones have been spotted in the Politico newsroom in recent weeks, FishbowlDC has learned.

Here’s why: The NYT broke the story last night that Politico plans on expanding its subscription service Politico Pro in the coming months.

“This week, the news outlet is starting to hire 20 more reporters and editors to help increase its coverage on the economy and military,” the story said. “Politico is also adding 20 more employees to its business side.”

Politico Playbook also highlighted the news, including a memo from Editor-in-Chief John Harris, Executive Editor Jim VandeHei, and COO Kim Kingsley and Playbook’s author Mike Allen plugged the announcement in a segment on MSNBC’s Morning Joe today.

In case that wasn’t enough promoting on Politico and its sister TV station, MSNBC (hardy har), and in explanation of our blown up blowfish graphic, Politico‘s media reporter Dylan Byers also wrote up the story in a blog post and also included that internal memo explaining the changes:

“[Monday] morning, we’ll announce plans to launch POLITICO Pro Defense and POLITICO Pro Finance – a package of coverage that will include financial services and tax policy. To produce that coverage, we’ll be growing our newsroom dramatically – with more than two dozen new editorial positions and a similar number on the sales side.”

We’ve requested comment from Kingsley on the hiring numbers and will update if she responds.